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Synonyms for second-rater

a person of second-rate ability or value

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This is opposed to all the other names mentioned who are essentially either second-raters or past failures.
And as they pack their bags for an 11-week summer holiday, he bleats about their being regarded as a bunch of second-raters.
We should have beaten Fulham as we controlled the game and Lambert needs to take a leaf out of Di Canio's book and attempt to get his second-raters and kids as fired up as the aforementioned Italian's team will be.
Those who believe, of course, would always find reason to support their own - Villa devotees would point out that United have never won the European Cup whereas Geordies would insist that, regardless of FA Cup and European Fairs Cup successes, their loyal support of mediocrity has left Villa fans reduced to second-raters (average gates last season were 47,498 for Newcastle, 36,883 Villa).
So, to deprive us of our Bargain Hunt fix so we canwatch a bunch of second-raters bounce around on a trampoline is frankly unacceptable.
Somewhere in an inner city estate I am sure is the next Nadal but as long as tennis persists with its elitist attitudes we as a country are second-raters at best.
Very soon the system will grind to a halt and second-raters will take the work on sub-standard rates.
But those mistakes were very much out of context with the general performances of late and for 30minutes in the first half David Moyes' side dominated their opponents - to the extent that Arsenal's driving force of Aleksandr Hleb, Mathieu Flamini and Cesc Fabregas bore the look of exasperated second-raters who did not know what had hit them and had no idea about how to get themselves into the game.
WE do need to buy a goalscorer but I cannot see who would even want to come to a dying club though, unless we just go for yet more second-raters with massive egos.
He made a good class field look like second-raters.
Until my revelation, I regarded set-asides as strictly a pat on the head for second-raters.
Perhaps some of the second-raters will be able to score back in the First Division next season.
For so long we've considered ourselves to be losers and second-raters," says novelist Shobe De.
Whereas ideas should be the measure of leadership, now polls have taught second-raters how to master the art of "followship" aimed at the lowest common denominator.
And before you know it you ARE Ally McLeod, right in the centre of that vortex known as Ladbrokes with your mortgage deeds in one hand and the shirt off your back in the other, staking your life on us beating a bunch of fez- wearing second-raters.