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a shop that sells secondhand goods at reduced prices


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If the increasing numbers of shoppers are anything to go by, more people are choosing to make their fashion and household purchases from second-hand stores than ever before.
My marketing professor was complaining about how she needed a new fridge, but couldn't find a second-hand store that would buy her old one," 21-year-old Zayed University finance student Latifa Al Romaithi said.
Davidson said safety seats' limited life span and susceptibility to damage is reason not to buy them in second-hand stores, which many parents do because of their cost.
The strategy for successful bargain-hunting requires stamina, eagle eyes, persistence, love of surprises and humble acceptance of the fact that certain days in the second-hand store don't yield anything worthwhile.
Before wearing any clothing that came from a rental or a second-hand store, put it in the dryer on high for 20 minutes to kill bed bugs and their eggs.
Shannon Bridges, 19, was given the Nintendo 3DS XL as an early birthday present from her boyfriend, who had bought it from a second-hand store in Cardiff city centre.
It is possible to come across a second-hand store, an art gallery and a cafe on the same street.
Second-hand isn't second best WE found treasure in a second-hand store - the impressive four-poster bed.
The shop is brightly lit, spacious, clean and welcoming and if you didn't look at the sign you actually wouldn't think you had just walked into a second-hand store.
ZENA SAYS: The best place to find something like that is in an antique shop, a second-hand store or at a car boot sale.
Neville's second-hand store Brig Bargain Centre, in Preston, gave him access to warehouses and vehicles.
Coffee is served in ceramic cups and many utensils look like they were purchased in a second-hand store.
Bobby Feeley, owner of Pass It On second-hand store in Ruthin, said the rise in retail parks combined with the lack of free parking in town centres is killing small town businesses.
101, has been an antique store, a dress shop and a second-hand store.
One thing Loewen stresses is that Nostalgia is not a consignment or second-hand store.