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Synonyms for second-guess

attempt to anticipate or predict

evaluate or criticize with hindsight

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Throughout these works, Trockel maintains an attentiveness to texture and pattern, but the real pleasure of the exhibition was that we could see the artist arranging and contemplating her obsessions, without feeling that those obsessions need be second-guessed.
In a game that will be celebrated by long-suffering New Englanders for years, and second-guessed by Angels fans who remember a similar scenario 18 years prior, the Red Sox eliminated the Angels when David Ortiz hit a two-out, two-run home run over the Green Monster in the 10th inning Friday night, giving the Red Sox an 8-6 victory at Fenway Park.
Police officers are less likely to be second-guessed when they're discharging a very hard job under complicated and high-pressure circumstances,'' said Washington lawyer Lawrence Robbins, who argued the case before the court.
The community should rest assured that we will continue to provide excellent care, and it doesn't matter how expensive it is,'' Kaushal said, adding that the administration never second-guessed the medical staff's request for the expensive drug.
All the while his boss becomes more second-guessed than Miss Cleo for having to rely on a bullpen that's harder to figure out than her bogus tarot cards.
What apparently really got Romer's goat was that Mullinax second-guessed his recent decision to rack up $184.