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Synonyms for second-class

Synonyms for second-class

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of inferior status or quality

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They will have the ability for the first time to send parcels between 1kg and 20kg using Royal Mail's second-class service, with the added option to receive a signature on delivery.
Cushions in second-class compartments are two inches thick.
Mr Murray said: "This is a worrying snapshot of the current performance of the second-class postal service.
Commercial second-class requirements do not apply to second-class nonprofit mailers, but a similar proposal is likely to be included in a nonprofit reclassification filing that is likely to occur next year, said Denton.
He also links this religious argument with a "public policy analysis" which effectively reduces gays to second-class citizens.
Postal Service yields to outcry by community newspaper; says rates for second-class in-county mailers will remain the same instead of increasing by a proposed 34%
From Paris to Tours, second-class one-way fares run about $32 to $40.
The larger price increase on second-class stamps indicates consumers and businesses switch to second class as a result of price increases.
First-class stamps will increase up by 2p to 62p and second-class by 3p to 53p on March 31.
Second-class letters are taking up to 11 days to reach their destination - eight days longer than the Royal Mail's target.
ROYAL Mail was yesterday accused of cheating clients after a memo showed first and second-class post sent on a Saturday is delivered at the same time.
In fact he's starting to treat me like a second-class citizen and says quite hurtful things.
BLUNDERING cops have had to cancel 500 speed camera fines after penalty notices were sent out by second-class post.