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5: division winner with second-best record at division winner with third-best record
The whole second-best story resurrected when Egyptian actress Sumaya Al Khashab threw Dalia under the bus, by revealing that she was offered Dalia's role in "Al Qasirat" (Minors) first, but turned it down and only then the producers' contacted Dalia as their last-minute resort.
00 rating for 'bringing own youth products through to the first team', the second-best in League I.
Plato's Two Forms of Second-Best Morality, JAMES WILBERDING
A new report says the capital city is second-best place for freedom from pollution and quality of life for employees behind Edinburgh.
SPEKE-BASED home shopping company Shop Direct's pounds 4m advertising campaign is being lauded after it was recognised as the second-best advert in the world by advertising experts.
The visitors have made it as one of the two best pool runnersup, but there was nothing second-best about them in this game.
So why do the people of Wales continue to accept second-best politicians, with Labour MPs more concerned about losing their jobs than what's best for Wales?
s (New York) patent on the hypertension drug Norvasc was invalidated last week by an appeals court, opening the way for generic competition to the company's second-best selling medicine.