second wind

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renewed energy or strength to continue an undertaking

the return of relatively easy breathing after initial exhaustion during continuous exertion

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About Laurie Mikes: A seventeen-year veteran of Second Wind, Laurie Mikes is deeply involved with agencies on a daily basis providing guidance about financial matters, agency growth and operations.
Second Wind works with clients to help them identify and understand their money patterns and behaviors that interfere with their personal, financial and/or professional potential.
Second Wind conducted a live demonstration of Triton's remote sensing capabilities that included displaying real-time wind measurements with Second Wind's SkyServe web-based wind data service.
Headquartered in Somerville, Massachusetts, Second Wind says its Triton Sonic Wind Profiler "reinvents" sodar (sonic detection and ranging) technology for wind assessment by capturing accurate wind data up to 200 meters, in any weather, at any location, without being attended or requiring any expert analysis.
Beville, founder of Second Wind Dreams, a nonprofit dream-fulfillment organization (www.
35) will not be priced up until this morning, which is a pity because Second Wind does look to have an excellent chance, and any quote around the 11-2 mark would have warranted a sizeable points stake.
During the second wind, the body movements are more exaggerated than during the first because of the increase in the hammer's velocity and, thus, increase in the centripetal and centrifugal forces.
PUNTERS can rely on Second Wind to blow his rivals away in the Tote Lady In Red Stakes at Bath tomorrow.
Second Wind has offered professional advertising training seminars since 1988 and initiated its Certified Seminar Program for advanced level training in 2005.
It will be NJRCEV%s second wind farm purchased from OwnEnergy.
SOMERVILLE, Massachusetts, January 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Just six months after entering the South African wind power market, Second Wind (http://www.
3) Jose Lima, center, Eric Gagne, right, and the rest of the Dodgers pitching staff must find a second wind for their final run against the surging Giants.
SECOND WIND is the value alternative to hot favourite Royal Artist in the Joe Jennings Bookmakers Handicap (3.
As an agency owner or manager, it is your responsibility, your job, to ensure the agency team and structure are prepared to handle these exciting times," Tony Mikes, Second Wind managing director and workshop facilitator.
Marcos Costa, Country President of Alstom Brazil, said, Signing this second wind project with Queiroz Galvao highlights the good partnership we established with the company.