second sight

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apparent power to perceive things that are not present to the senses

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The Argus II System is the second generation of retinal prosthesis developed by Second Sight.
Viewers also get a peek at former "Lost" star Harold Perrineau who plays the role of Manny, an angel assigned with the task of watching over Constantine, and other demon businesses while Constantine tries to help Liv understand her developing second sight.
This is a tremendous milestone, not only for Kellogg Eye Center and Second Sight, but also for those affected by RP in the United States.
We have worked with the JFSA to establish a working group to conduct a review of outstanding cases and work is under way to develop a mediation process for any of the 47 cases which have been raised as part of the Second Sight review," a Post Office spokeswoman said.
Students of all levels are accepted here," said the spokesperson from Second Sight Music.
The study was authored by researchers at Second Sight, the company who developed the device, and has been published in Frontiers in Neuroprosthetics on the 22nd of November.
Projects such as Close My Eyes, An Evening with Gary Lineker, The Return of the Native, Sharman and Second Sight sealed his standing as a reliable leading man.
Over time I seem have gained a remarkable second sight, so I can now predict the future.
A SECOND SIGHT WITH ARGUS II THE artificial retina, named Argus II, has been created by American medical company Second Sight.
BBC One Wales, Monday, 9pm Part of the big drama push the BBC seems to be mounting at the moment, this new four-parter is a little reminiscent of the Clive Owen-starring Second Sight, which caused a bit of a stir at the end of the '90s.
The bionic eye, developed by US company Second Sight, is being tested in patient trials around the world.
The University of Southern California and Second Sight Medical Products, a developer of retinal prostheses for treating blindness, recently announced that they have completed enrollment of the first phase of a three-year clinical Investigational Device Exemption trial of the Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System in the United States; enrollment for the study in Europe and Mexico continues.
95) receives Coleen Marlo's excellent style, spied by years working in film, TV and theatre, as it tells of an FBI agent's gift of second sight, which makes her a special kind of investigator--and invaluable, especially when it comes to troubling cases involving quirky neighbors and dangerous alliances.
The grandmother had been in Hiroshima during the war when the bomb fell, and Lin can access her grandmother's horrific memories, just as she is able to use her second sight at times to help the police locate missing persons.
Second Sight is the first single to be taken from it, and it's easily as good as anything they released before.