second person

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pronouns and verbs used to refer to the person addressed by the language in which they occur

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Expressing herself in the most perfect temper in those terms, Lady Janet resumed the arrangement of her papers, and became unconscious once more of the presence of any second person in the room.
I was about to address her, for I wished to know what account had been given of the affair: but, on advancing, I saw a second person in the chamber--a woman sitting on a chair by the bedside, and sewing rings to new curtains.
There's a constable stuck by every lamp-post, and every second person we meet between this and Palace Yard is an obvious `tec.
But if we had both gone out together we must have excited suspicion, and worse still, if we allowed Anne Catherick to see Laura, accompanied by a second person who was a stranger to her, we should in all probability forfeit her confidence from that moment, never to regain it again.
I've told you what every second person you meet might tell you.
The second person, who appeared to occupy a position of distinction at the dance in the glade, was a lady.
At the entrance of a second person, hypocrisy begins.
It is the custom in Denmark for intimate acquaintances to use the second person singular, "Du," (thou) when speaking to each other.
Holmes, that there is a possibility that these initials are those of the second person who was present--in other words, of the murderer.
com) offers a 50% saving for the second person travelling on a seven-night cruise setting sail from Athens and stopping at Chania, Montenegro, Dubrovnik, Korcula and Venice.
police denied Monday that they are investigating any possible second person of interest in the massacre at the Century 16 Movie Theater Friday morning.
Summary: A second person has died after catching Legionnaires' disease in Edinburgh according to NHS Lothian.
A MAN stabbed to death in Birmingham city centre was named by police as a second person was arrested on suspicion of murder.
The effect of a memoir in the second person is striking, a kind of immersive reading experience in which we really do inhabit another's skin.
Police found ajacket behind a nearby convenience store and someone suggested that a second person might be involved.
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