second nature

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acquired behavior that is practiced so long it seems innate

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Vane glanced at her, and with one of those false theatrical gestures that so often become a mode of second nature to a stage-player, clasped her in her arms.
Did you never observe how imitations, beginning in early youth and continuing far into life, at length grow into habits and become a second nature, affecting body, voice, and mind?
Despite that pernicious assumption of lassitude and indifference, which had become his second nature, he was strongly attached to his friend.
Defended by scholars such as John McDowell and Julia Annas, the naturalism of second nature (NSN) claims that the virtues are part of a rational second nature instilled through moral education.
Second Nature is a national nonprofit that works to accelerate climate action in, and through, higher education.
Second nature is something of an unnatural natural.
Second nature pushes the boundaries of ordinary materials.
The centre's mission is to promote safety as a second nature in industry around the world with the objective of preventing future accidents.
The University of Massachusetts Medical School is a finalist for the 2013 Second Nature Climate Leadership Award and will be recognized this month as one of 20 colleges and universities nationwide that exemplifies the mission of the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment to re-stabilize the earth's climate through education, research and community engagement.
Second Nature collaborates closely with the ACUPCC, a network of 677 signatory institutions of higher education, which aims to neutralize greenhouse gas emissions and support the sustainability efforts of higher education.
The Second Nature refrigeration systems from Conyers, Ga.
FINDING good uses for otherwise redundant material is second nature to Christine Armstrong.
And while "nature" was an oft-repeated theme in his family films, Second Nature is an overtly behavioral experiment, in which the entire focus is on the conditioning of all participants--the trainers as well as the animals.
I usually take my own bags with me when I go to the supermarket and now that I'm in the habit, it's like second nature.
Rallying was second nature to him; he was so good he could just drive in any race.