second mortgage

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a mortgage that is subordinate to a first mortgage

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In July 2007, CitiMortgage contacted LBHI and demanded it repurchase the second mortgage after CitiMortgage discovered a misrepresentation of the owners' debt.
CapWest to fund and service fixed second mortgages & HELOCs for all TPO channels
Citigroup, Inc (NYSE: C) has announced that it would join the US government's second mortgage modification programme.
SAN FRANCISCO-BASED LOANPERFORMANCE, a subsidiary of First American Real Estate Solutions LP (RES[R]), Anaheim, California, has introduced Second-Look[TM], a service that uncovers the existence of second mortgages added after origination.
He said five other Lancaster investors gave McCray $7,300 to appraise land at the mall for a purported hotel, but the check was instead used to pay off Peel's second mortgage on her home, Campbell said.
Remember, a good lender, once he or she understands your financial situation, should be able to present several scenarios, which include getting a second mortgage, refinancing the first mortgage, getting an adjustable rate loan or simply cashing out the equity in your home.
A city commission has decided to punish the "tin men" who steal the equity in people's homes through shoddy work and overpriced second mortgages.
If a customer needs a second mortgage and they do not have good credit, we are the only lender in town that can help.
Debtor seeks to void the second mortgage in his Chapter 13 plan.
With strong initial response from customers, Mesa is able to challenge and remove liens or other encumbrances against an individual which in many cases includes the removal of a second mortgage lien.
The programme would allow all customers of Wells Fargo or Wachovia who have already modified their first mortgage through the Home Affordable Modification Programme to also modify their second mortgage.
2 million first mortgage and a $100,000 line of credit for a 30-unit co-op located at 114 Morningside Drive in Manhattan; a $1 million line of credit and a $900,000 second mortgage for a 95-unit co-op located at 3755 Henry Hudson Parkway in Riverdale, N.
What's happening is that home purchases are increasingly being made using a first and second mortgage for a ``combo'' loan.
The 30-year-term first mortgage is fully amortized and the second mortgage is zero interest, no payment and fully forgivable after 10 years of occupancy in the home (subject to repayment to the trust if the borrower sells the property and a qualified buyer does not assume the loan or if the borrower voluntarily refin ances it).