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the expected value of the square of the deviations of a random variable from the point of origin

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Here, the simulated spatial variance is obtained using one of two methods; either by fitting the simulated data for the direct beam to a 2D Gaussian function or by numerically calculating the second moment of the peaked distribution as [[sigma].
Before co-founding Second Moment, Butman was President and CEO of TQA Investors LLC, a hedge fund specializing in convertible arbitrage based in Stamford, Conn.
It is assumed that viscous damping coefficient k may be expressed in shape of polynomial function of length and second moment area of the beam-like specimen as
The second moment in Pinn's argument entails a critique of black theologians who have reputedly discarded the redemptive suffering doctrine but, for Pinn, fail in their project, though they demarcate suffering into positive and negative dimensions.
A second moment in this argument extends directly from the first, in that it restores a fundamental value to the notion of process.
Halbert White, Second Moment showcases leading edge work on topics ranging from Causality to Artificial Neural Networks.
Key words: centroid; Coordinate Measuring Machine; dimensional reference; medical phantom; second moment tensor; tomography.
Yesterday's triumph was Maureen's second moment of glory in the championships - she won the champion of champions crown in 1991.
It was the second moment of EastEnders (BBC1) bliss in the space of a minute, the first being the realisation that stemming Phil's blood with his jacket means Beppe will never again be able to wear that horrible mauve drainpipe suit he obviously borrowed off Showaddywaddy.
The second moment came at the funeral of left-wing union leader Sam McCluskie just over a year ago.
But Church and Charlton should have had a second moments later when the forward met Bradley Pritchard's drilled cross , only for his bullet header to direct straight into the arms of Jake Kean.
Hailed Assombalonga could have helped himself to a second moments later, but his solitary strike ensured a losing return to London Road for Swindon caretaker boss Mark Cooper, who stepped up to the plate following Kevin McDonald's departure.
Jake Lance added a second moments before the break and it was much the same afterwards as Jake Lance, Soni Ferges and Oliver Jimson strikes put the game beyond reach.
However, Marc Wilmots' side did get their second moments later.
Having missed a number of chances - with top scorer Luis Suarez being the main culprit - the Reds went behind to Hulk's brilliant long-range effort after 70 minutes, with substitute Sergei Semak adding the second moments later.