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the expected value of the square of the deviations of a random variable from the point of origin

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One thing is sure: Finding the right suppliers is essential to achieving "the second moment of truth.
Here, the simulated spatial variance is obtained using one of two methods; either by fitting the simulated data for the direct beam to a 2D Gaussian function or by numerically calculating the second moment of the peaked distribution as [[sigma].
Before co-founding Second Moment, Butman was President and CEO of TQA Investors LLC, a hedge fund specializing in convertible arbitrage based in Stamford, Conn.
This paper regards the expected integration and differentiation scale matrices as the function of the current second moment matrix and its anisotropy.
Axial stiffness is the product of Young's modulus and area, while bending stiffness is the product of Young's modulus and second moment of area.
It is assumed viscous damping scheme, and damping coefficient is determined in function of beam length and second moment area of cross-section.
The award presentation was Gore's second moment on the Oscars stage, having earlier appeared with Leonardo DiCaprio to announce that this was the first Academy Awards ceremony to be "green," meaning its organizers made ecologically sound choices in energy use, food products, disposable goods, recycling and other aspects of production.
The second moment is related to a spatial covariance, but is not a central moment, because the densities are not expressed as deviations from the means [N.
Exact expressions also are obtained for the first and second moment of the distribution and the apparent diffusion coefficient.
The second moment in Pinn's argument entails a critique of black theologians who have reputedly discarded the redemptive suffering doctrine but, for Pinn, fail in their project, though they demarcate suffering into positive and negative dimensions.
A second moment in this argument extends directly from the first, in that it restores a fundamental value to the notion of process.
Halbert White, Second Moment showcases leading edge work on topics ranging from Causality to Artificial Neural Networks.
Key words: centroid; Coordinate Measuring Machine; dimensional reference; medical phantom; second moment tensor; tomography.
Yesterday's triumph was Maureen's second moment of glory in the championships - she won the champion of champions crown in 1991.
And the second moment was not equalising through Alfredo Morelos when he had the chance.