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Comparing online car insurance quotes for second hand vehicles is simple and can help anyone find cheap coverage.
With purely second hand used items, the price depends on the amount that had been paid by the dealer for the lot and therefore prices may fluctuate year to year, he added.
The goods should still generally be fit Jacqui Kennedy, director of regulatory services at Birmingham City Council, which runs the Trading Standards team, dishes out top tips to avoid being ripped off when buying second hand goods.
Low mileage drivers are gradually cottoning on to the fact that there are some very efficient new petrol engines out there and because they tend to be cheaper than oil burners on the second hand market they may be a much more clever choice.
com is now holding the World's largest online garage sale that's loaded with second hand items in need of a new home.
Piles of second hand quilts, blankets and rugs are also up for sale here in the weekly markets with crowds of people can be seen bargaining with retailers.
It was observed that a large number of low-income people swarmed at the stalls of second hand clothes and sweaters.
Washington, Dec 6 (ANI): Women exposed to second hand smoke, either as children or as adults, are 68 percent more likely to face fertility problems and can also suffer miscarriage, according to a new study.
In the first of a series of studies, AA Financial Services asked a sample of 2,000 motorists if they plan to replace their vehicle in the next 12 months and whether they will be buying new or second hand.
Ailsa Rutter, acting director for Smoke Free North East said: "What we know now is passive second hand smoke is a hidden killer.
Research among 1,000 people showed more men than women visited charity shops, car boot sales and second hand shops.
The sale of woollen clothes, particularly the second hand variety, has shoot up, various customers observed.
PARENTS are being warned not to buy second hand baby goods like high chairs and buggies from internet auction websites because they could put their children's lives at risk.
Trading standards officers are giving the following advice to consumers who may be considering buying second hand goods.
The mission of Breathe Free is to introduce culturally relevant materials about second hand smoke to tobacco control advocates, other health professionals, community groups and individuals.