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She said second hand clothes were in reach of lower middle class and it seems they are also going beyond our affordability.
In central Israel, the average price of a second hand three-room apartment stood at less than NIS 900,000 ($252,000).
The goods should still generally be fit Jacqui Kennedy, director of regulatory services at Birmingham City Council, which runs the Trading Standards team, dishes out top tips to avoid being ripped off when buying second hand goods.
Low mileage drivers are gradually cottoning on to the fact that there are some very efficient new petrol engines out there and because they tend to be cheaper than oil burners on the second hand market they may be a much more clever choice.
The Second Hand Band meets to play on every first Wednesday of the month.
In Slovakia, a new joint venture between Paloma and Horgen (a merger of the companies' away-from-home tissue businesses) has led to a joint project to relocate and start up two second hand tissue machines in Cersak, Slovakia.
Peru charges a 33% tax on second hand cars, while Bolivia charges 34%, rates which can vary by model.
Oxfam has already announced plans for two new dedicated second hand bookstores to open in May 2004 after doubling its booksales over the last four years and raising GBP13m in 2003.
Under the Sixth VAT Directive (77/388/EEC, amended), a vehicle is considered second hand if it fulfils two conditions: it has covered more than 6,000 kilometres and it is supplied six months or more after its initial registration.
Under the new regulation, imports of second hand buses are allowed only for city buses with tariff to be set by the government.
Children exposed to the second hand smoke of 30 cigarettes a day were twice as likely to have complications as children not exposed to second-hand smoke.
Nymox (NASDAQ: NYMX) TobacAlert[TM] Product Provides a Quick and Easy Way to Detect Second Hand Smoke Exposure
The used clothes are so popular as 'Lunda' bazaars can be found all over the country but now these also deals in imported Chinese items with second hand items and in fact are doing a roaring trade.
It was observed that a large number of low-income people swarmed at the stalls of second hand clothes and sweaters.
Washington, Dec 6 (ANI): Women exposed to second hand smoke, either as children or as adults, are 68 percent more likely to face fertility problems and can also suffer miscarriage, according to a new study.