second growth

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a second growth of trees covering an area where the original stand was destroyed by fire or cutting

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We prefer the size of the timber in the second growth because it's easier to manage and handle.
The lumber was classified as old growth or second growth according to information obtained from the suppliers.
This would place the Middle East as the second growth region in world, behind Asia.
NEW DELHI: India's top mobile phone company Bharti Airtel yesterday reported fourth-quarter net profit leapt 37 per cent as cellular phone use surged and forecast a second growth wave from rural areas.
The pinot was already harvested," she said, "but when the weather turned warm, a second growth came in.
Mutational analysis will be used to address the specific aims of the project which include (1) identifing the gene(s) associated with production of the hypothesized second growth effector and (2) identifying genes responsible for other signal transduction players in auxin control of leaf expansion.
Food to go--a second growth area--has been rolled out to 60 stores in the 187-strong estate.
We report on preliminary findings of a study designed to measure and compare the diversity of leaf litter spiders in a pristine 200-acre beech-maple forest (100+ years old) and an adjacent, contiguous second growth forest (<30 years old) at the J.
The Park exhibits considerable ecological variation with north and south facing slopes, wet swampy lowland to dry exposed ridges, and vegetative cover that varies from pine, mixed pine-hardwood, second growth hardwood to mature swamp forest.
The present census focused on plant knowledge maintained by men because they are thought to be more familiar with old and second growth forests than women.
On the contrary, the toughest, strongest and soundest white ash with the greatest proportion of the pale sapwood that retail buyers prefer, is cut from the fast growing, comparatively young trees of second growth, such as commonly constitute most of the woodlots of the eastern states.
The second growth area will be in web-enabling existing applications, which will rise from $215m this year to $790m by 2004.
Now most of Kake's land is cleared, with maybe five years of logging left, and no second growth ready to cut for 50 years.
What I'm looking at through the window now is second growth.
They hope these second growth forests will provide new habitat for spotted owls and other wildlife.
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