second cousin

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a child of a first cousin

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She idolised her mum, dad and grandparents, she was really familyorientated Maureen Pilcher, Ellie's second cousin
Earlier, the singer's PR Connie Filippello insisted there was little truth in the claims - and said George hadn't spoken to his second cousin Andros Georgiou, who lives in Los Angeles, for 17 years.
Speaking ahead of today's interment ceremony at Leicester Cathedral, he said: "Benedict is Richard III's second cousin, 16 removed.
The Duchess' second cousin said that she also believes that she will weigh under 2.
Wrexham connection: Russell Crowe as Javert in Les Miserable and (inset) second cousin Valerie Hall
with your Donegal tweed jacket, passed down from your second cousin once
LIVERPOOL actress Phina Oruche last night said she was "devastated" by the death of her second cousin.
Any relationship beyond second cousin is considered similar to random marriages in terms of gene sharing (except for marriages within an isolated tribe with traditional practice of cousin marriage)
Alan's second cousin Trudi Staples said: "He was a gorgeous little boy and the world will be a much emptier place without him.
Feherty's interest began when he was introduced to the game by his adoptive second cousin Tony McKegney, a Canadian who played for seven different NHL clubs in the Eighties.
Edinburgh-born Rifkind met Mark's mum, his second cousin Ann Dexter, for the first time in 2004.
He carries a torch for his second cousin and tells her Sean is married with two children.
It published details of my paternal great-grandparents and, after some correspondence with a previously-unknown second cousin, I received a fairly comprehensive family tree going back to 17th Century.
Today, his son, Gaston Azcarraga Andrade, a second cousin to Televisa CEO Emilio Azcarraga Jean, directs the largest hotel chain in the country, Grupo Posadas.
He's her grandmother's second cousin, so it's a distant relation.
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