second baseman

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(baseball) the person who plays second base

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Fighters shortstop Makoto Kaneko, meanwhile, was awarded for the third time overall while Inaba and second baseman Kensuke Tanaka won for the fourth time.
Embraces the entire team, with the head coach fun-going baseballs from homeplate and his assistant coaches fungoing balls from behind the shortstop and second baseman (coach provides enough instructors to correct any mistakes).
When the ball is hit to either the shortstop or third baseman, the second baseman approaches the base with his hands up near his chest.
His double last night gave him 40 on the season, two shy of the team mark for a second baseman set by Jody Reed in 1991.
In order for a second baseman and shortstop to turn the double play, each will need quick and steady hands, fielding range, a quick throwing release, and the ability to stand tall when a runner is tearing toward second base.
The Sox didn't replace him with a real second baseman until 1961, when they brought up Chuck Schilling from their farm system.
The PFX's most high-profile stars include three-time gold medalist pitcher Lisa Fernandez and second baseman Dot Richardson, a two-time gold medalist.
With the third baseman cheating in and the second baseman cheating over, a good run-and-bunt game can play cat and mouse with them forcing them to decide between covering the ball or the bag.
Who is the only second baseman to capture World Series MVP honors: Lou Whitaker, Bobby Richardson, Bill Mazeroski or Joe Morgan?
The shortstop must stop at the "cut" with his left foot forward, while the second baseman must stop at the "cut" with his right foot forward.
The absence of second baseman Jeff Kent, who is on the 15-day disabled list with an oblique injury, and right fielder J.
Coach B hits ground balls to the shortstop, who tosses the ball to the second baseman for the double-play pivot and throw to the regular first baseman, who returns the ball to the Coach B shagger.
Pepperdine 3, Missouri 2: The top-seeded Waves (41-19) held on to beat the fourth-seeded Tigers, who scored a run in the ninth and had the potential tying run on third base and go-ahead run at first before a diving play by second baseman Denny Duron clinched the win.
He must understand that the first baseman will occasionally be called off by the second baseman and/or may go so far to his right that he won't be able to get back to the bag in time for a throw.
After singling to right with one out, she headed for third on Katie Elliott's sacrifice, and came around to score when the throw from Cajon second baseman Melissa Castillo, who was covering first, got away from third baseman Ashley Maroda.