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rearmost or uppermost area in the balcony containing the least expensive seats

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A second balcony at the rear looks out over local playing fields.
And so late in the game, as Arizona State held on easily to the lead, I wandered up to the second balcony, and then to the third.
The separate dining room is also extensive and has French doors onto a second balcony offering views of the Liver Buildings.
Then, as he tried to throw her over the second balcony, armed guards burst into the room.
15 million, and it's about the same at the Minskoff, thanks to an expansive auditorium that lacks, unlike the New Am, a second balcony with seats sold at second-balcony prices.
At the concert hall ceremony; I sat on the edge of my assigned seat in the front row of the second balcony.
A couple of quick notes: There's really not a bad seat in the Colosseum - the vantage points are good even up in the cheap (we use that term loosely) seats in the second balcony.
When one fan asked a few question from the second balcony, she shouted, "Do you have a date for tonight?
Located just off Brandon Street and just a short walk from Princes Street, this elegant three-bedroom apartment has a cloakroom, spacious lounge/dining room with French doors to a private balcony, fully-fitted kitchen, utility room, and en suite master bedroom also with French doors leading to a second balcony.
There was a second balcony of boxes that ran around the back of the house, painted white with decorations in gold, red, and blue.
The unit has keyed elevator entry, a landscaped south facing roof deck with a dining space and a second balcony.
Ms O'Malley confirmed the collapsed balcony is in police possession and the second balcony is in a secure location.
Ray lived it up, too, from his perch in the second balcony, a place where he hadn't spent much time.
Double picture French doors with original shutters open out onto an attractive second balcony, again with wrought iron railings.