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a doctrine that maintains the right of secession

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In the current situation, although Daesh does not seem capable of overthrowing any European government or fomenting secessionism, it is capable of sparking violence in European countries by triggering tensions between Muslims and other communities.
In what follows, this article will explore certain ethnic features of the South Caucasus region and will show how secessionism and de facto states affect EU-Georgia, EU-Armenia, and EU-Azerbaijan relations and complicate the Eastern Partnership objectives.
visibly echoing the relationship metaphor--as the starting point for the interviewees' reflections on what triggered the recent escalation of secessionism in Catalonia.
This offers plausible explication for rejection of extremism and secessionism as well as foreign interference.
That's our new form of secessionism, and is no way to ground the relational institutions that are indispensable for our flourishing as beings born to know, love, and (at least as biological beings) die.
The alternate reality functions as an eschatological trajectory that aims for either secessionism.
During Partition, Aligarh and amu came to be associated with Muslim secessionism and many Muslim political leaders from Aligarh who supported the idea of Pakistan migrated there.
Mufti Mohammed Sayeed and his People's Democratic Party should be considered as one of the most patriotic Indians for forming a party that has become a credible alternative to the National Conference, which during its several years of governance was so riddled with corruption that it did not take much effort for pro-Pakistani elements to breed secessionism in the state.
Chelvanayakam moving the customary amendment to the first Address of Thanks to the 'Throne Speech' - the policy statement of the government - in the first House of Representatives sowed the initial seed of secessionism, giving birth to the Homeland Concept.
These cuts particularly affected regional governments, the main public service providers, fuelling Catalan secessionism and regional discontent.
Eleven chapters are: osecret secessionism in our midsto; investigating desertion and disloyalty; othey are doing us an immense amount of goodo; an odious system of espionage; watching oMr.
An argument on use of religion is that the official emphasis on Islam was to overcome the ethnic and linguistic disparity in Pakistan, but its political manifestation paved the way for the Islamist groups to maintain the influence of the center in the Northern Territories, restrained secessionism in Balochistan and the KPK Province, and the broader idea of Islam to establish common ground for Sindh and the Punjab provinces.
We will actively participate in the fight against terrorism and secessionism, severely punish violent terrorist crimes according to the law, and severely punish all types of crimes that gravely endanger the safety of the people," Zhou was quoted as saying.
This demographic shift was a key factor in the rise of Moro secessionism.
It makes one wonder how a philosophy that proclaims the liberty of the individual to be the highest value can turn a blind eye to the slavery that secessionism sought to protect.