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small pruning shears with a spring that holds the handles open and a single blade that closes against a flat surface

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Choose stainless steel hand tools with comfortable handles that don't create blisters and spend a little bit more on quality secateurs - they can last a lifetime if you look after them.
Fiskars' award-winning Quantum B100 bypass secateurs, PS65, are also a good product, available nationwide in garden centres, DIY stores and online, www.
If you have tools of your own (gloves, bow saws, secateurs, patio knives etc) then please bring them along.
I pinch the dead tip in my left hand and locate the first healthy sprout, then take my secateurs and trim off the tip.
I recommend using very sharp secateurs or clippers for this task.
The tools that will be added to Tesco's stock lists include the Spear & Jackson stainless steel and carbon fibre lines of digging forks, spades, hand trowels, hand shears and secateurs.
ATRAFFIC warden has been jailed after threatening to cut off a woman's fingers with secateurs unless her brother paid an PS8,000 debt.
So in late winter or early spring, get out those secateurs and make sure you don't hold back.
Dillon, via email AREMOVE these from the base and the stem as close to the ground as possible using a sharp pair of secateurs.
With sharp secateurs, cut lengths of holly no more than 6in (15cm) long.
Just remember to have sharp, clean secateurs which makes life easier for you and helps prevent disease in the plants.
Spear & Jackson (OTCBB:SJCK) announced today that its new product range of Razorsharp Secateurs will be added to the Extensive Product Range that is already sold through Gamma DIY, the biggest DIY Superstores in the Netherlands.
It's made from sturdy plastic with two handles and a removable small tool tray for seeds, secateurs, string and other essentials.