sebaceous gland

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a cutaneous gland that secretes sebum (usually into a hair follicle) for lubricating hair and skin

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For these potential new treatments, some objective outcome measure is needed to judge their efficacy Right now, all that can be said is that they target the sebaceous gland, and clinical work still needs to be done to determine whether they will be effective, the degree of effectiveness, and how to optimize treatment, he noted.
2) Sebaceous glands are found everywhere on the body where hair is found and are located adjacent to hair follicles with ducts, through which sebum flows.
Sebaceous gland tumors are comprised of sebaceous adenoma and sebaceous carcinoma.
Therefore, it would be intriguing to identify the sebaceous gland activity and sebum signatures during childhood in conjunction with sequence-based mycobiome analysis.
Keywords: Adenocarcinoma; blepharoplasty; eyelid; sebaceous gland
Future studies should clarify whether sebaceous gland IGF-I and survivin expressions are upregulated in sebaceous cell hyperplasia of acne vulgaris and whether isotretinoin treatment downregulates mTORC1, IGF-I, and survivin expression.
Treatment of sebaceous gland hyperplasia with the pulsed dye laser".
Individuals with MTS may present with one or more sebaceous gland neoplasms or visceral malignancies.
4 The prognosis of sebaceous gland carcinoma (SGC) is considered poorer than most other malignant eyelid tumours with a mortality second only to malignant melanoma (MM).
Miller describes how they work: "Spot treatments work either by spreading over the dogs entire skin surface or by being absorbed through the skin at the point of application, circulating through the blood, and being transported back to the skin over the whole body through the sebaceous gland secretions.
Sebaceous gland carcinoma (SGC) is a highly malignant and potentially lethal tumor that arises from meibomian glands of the tarsal plate, from glands of Zeis or from sebaceous glands of the caruncle, eye brow or facial skin (1).
If you have greasy hair, it means your sebaceous gland is overactive and you need to calm it.
Microsatellite instability and Expression of hMLH-1 and hMSH-2 in sebaceous gland carcinomas as markers for Muir-Torre syndrome.
They can be caused by a blockage in one of the glands of the skin, such as the sweat gland or derived from the sebaceous gland or hair follicle.
The presence of recognizable Fordyce granules (intraoral ectopic sebaceous glands) may be associated with systemic diseases, and a previously unrecognized activation of the sebaceous gland system may occur in individuals carrying hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer syndrome, or Lynch syndrome, according to a controlled study of genetically unrelated patients.