sebaceous cyst

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a common cyst of the skin

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Removing a sebaceous cyst is straightforward and done under local anaesthetic.
One of Larry's students tries to bribe his way to a passing grade, and his brother is being a nuisance with a troublesome sebaceous cyst.
She appeared one day with a large mass on her right side that looked like a cross between an infected bite wound and a sebaceous cyst.
I CANNOT be sure without seeing you but it sounds very much like a sebaceous cyst.
This tumor should be considered in the differential diagnosis of head and neck lesions, which includes sebaceous cyst, implantation dermoid, neurofibroma, dermatofibroma, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, pilomatrixoma, and histiocytoma.
A IT is probably a sebaceous cyst which has become infected.
It sounds like you have an infected sebaceous cyst.
Seven years later, a benign sebaceous cyst was removed from the midline of her left breast.
Dr Smith believes the lump on the Queen's eyebrow was a minor sebaceous cyst, which would have grown bigger.
Abscesses have a range of causes, including wounds, foreign objects such as splinters, common bacterial infections, sebaceous cysts, nutritional deficiency or recent exposure to a toxic substance.
In the first episode of the new series we meet a woman from Sydney who wants to cure her inverted nipples, a man who has sebaceous cysts on his scrotum as a result of shaving and a woman who hates her high-pitched voice.
Testicular lumps: There are lots of benign lumps on the testicles such as swelling of the veins (varicocele), cysts of epididymis, fluid around the testicle (hydrocele) and sebaceous cysts on scrotal skin.