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fit for a sea voyage

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The Maritime and Coastguard Agency, based at the Port of Tyne at South Shields, has detained the Panamanian-registered vessel and say that it is not seaworthy.
Smugglers charge thousands of dollars a head to slip people into Europe aboard overcrowded, barely seaworthy fishing boats, providing no life vests or other safety features.
Over the years many have died when their boats have sunk, particularly as quite often the vessels are overcrowded and are not seaworthy.
Christie said he was disappointed that the vessel was not yet seaworthy.
Earlier this month Khamis Juma Bu Amim, chairman of QE2 Shipping LLC Dubai and QE2 Holding Private Limited, confirmed the ship will be made seaworthy and converted to a hotel under the 'QE2 New Life' project.
The fit and finish of this seaworthy bowrider is normally reserved for flybridge battlewagons but don't let the plush facade fool you.
After determining that the small boat was no longer seaworthy, the US Coast Guard Cutter Sea Otter quickly responded in order to take the mariners aboard and their vessel in tow.
For the salvagers, the Costa Concordia poses one of the most daunting recovery tasks ever tackled, as they decide whether to either make it seaworthy again, dismember it for scrap, or even sending it to the bottom.
It indicated that the dhow's master "requested assistance from Monomoy indicating the engine room was flooding and deemed not seaworthy.
But he would ignore any advice to get repairs done to his boat to make her seaworthy.
Currently seven ships are held in Greek Ports, two are sabotaged and not seaworthy and one, the French boat, is in International waters currently sailing towards Gaza.
Essential Boat Maintenance: A Comprehensive Guide to Boat Improvement, Refitting and Repair" is a guide for keeping one's boat seaworthy and then some, with tips and advice on the many aspects of keeping a boat clean and worthy of use.
To attempt to row from Redcar to Saltburn properly-equipped in a seaworthy craft is ambitious.
We're extremely concerned - the boat's not seaworthy and the captain has shown he is willing to risk life and limb of himself, his crew and the aid workers.
Also, in passing, it's interesting that of the four second-hand subs we bought several years ago from the Brits, only one so far is seaworthy and that after spending more than a billion dollars on repair and updating the fleet.