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fitness to traverse the seas


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Their range, seaworthiness, self-defense, sustainability, and ability to share information with task forces all must be labeled minimal at best.
The Murena landing craft offers improved design features and seaworthiness through the use of corrosion-resistant alloys, extruded sections and panels, and a high-performance power plant.
Seoul: A probe into South Korea's ferry disaster has heard that warnings over the ship's seaworthiness were ignored, prosecutors said Wednesday, as rescuers worked to recover the bodies of more than 90 people still missing.
All vessels are highly sophisticated state-of-the-art naval ships to be built on proven designs providing unparalleled seaworthiness.
Presidential Communications Operations Office Secretary Herminio "Sonny" Coloma said with hundreds of passengers expected to flock to the provinces for summer vacations in March, the government is planning "surprise inspections" of public transport firms' facilities to ensure road, air, and seaworthiness.
Through this operation, we tested the carrier's combat capability and tried the performance of its propulsion and seaworthiness.
His designs are based on ancient Inuit models, but with watertight compartments for greater seaworthiness.
A problem arose when the weight of the money caused a pronounced list, but that was corrected by shifting ballast to restore Mitchell's seaworthiness.
the seaworthiness of the vessel" is particularly difficult to
We became quite good at crewing our boat, and worked towards, and gained, our Competent Crew status, which is the benchmark of a crew's seaworthiness.
The design was driven to optimize speed and seaworthiness in order to ensure swift transfer of personnel while maximizing crew comfort," the statement continued.
How you tour the frosty white wilderness of Antarctica is a measure of your seaworthiness and chutzpah.
A mandatory oil-containment barge, the Arctic Challenger, failed for months to meet Coast Guard requirements for seaworthiness and a ship mishap resulted in damage to a critical piece of equipment intended to cap a blown well.
Heydarkhani recruited passengers, lied to them about the seaworthiness of the boats, took their passports and mobile phones and an estimated $1.