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fitness to traverse the seas


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warranty of seaworthiness could void coverage under a maritime insurance
All three ships have visited port at various times for supplies and remain in regular contact with both the ships' agent and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, whose role involves monitoring ships' seaworthiness and crew welfare.
Royal Caribbean said there were no serious injuries and the storms "in no way affected the seaworthiness of the ship".
Both boats have all the necessary licenses, insurance and certifications and the company pays the utmost attention to their maintenance and seaworthiness.
MANILA -- One of the Philippine Navys soon-to-be-delivered strategic sealift vessels will be used by March to test its seaworthiness before it sets sail for the Philippines later this year.
The builder sea trials will answer any questions of seaworthiness for a ship that utilizes a type of hull associated with pre-dreadnought battleships from a century ago.
As a manufacturer and supplier of military, government, security, coastguard and industry marine craft around the world, ASIS Boats are unparalled in their speed, maneuverability, seaworthiness, safety and stability in the most adverse conditions, in all climates and at the highest speeds.
While the original 13-foot Boston Whaler pioneered a new market for versatile, safe, small boats, the deep-V hull revolutionized expectations of speed and seaworthiness.
It's understood the cost of works needed to return the steamer to seaworthiness could run into hundreds of thousands of pounds.
A Hamburg radio station revealed previous "technical issues" with the 30-year-old ship, casting doubts on her seaworthiness.
It's highly improbable she could be insured or given a certificate of seaworthiness to enable her to be towed to a shipyard.
Seoul: A probe into South Korea's ferry disaster has heard that warnings over the ship's seaworthiness were ignored, prosecutors said Wednesday, as rescuers worked to recover the bodies of more than 90 people still missing.
All vessels are highly sophisticated state-of-the-art naval ships to be built on proven designs providing unparalleled seaworthiness.
Presidential Communications Operations Office Secretary Herminio "Sonny" Coloma said with hundreds of passengers expected to flock to the provinces for summer vacations in March, the government is planning "surprise inspections" of public transport firms' facilities to ensure road, air, and seaworthiness.
Through this operation, we tested the carrier's combat capability and tried the performance of its propulsion and seaworthiness.