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Results of this research and the first field application concluded that seawater is a reliable and compatible alternative.
The loss of the seawater supply had a direct impact on the shutting of the Sohar Power and Desalination Plant.
He said that it's an effort to develop a novel form of agriculture, producing food and energy products on traditionally non-arable desert land irrigated with seawater.
The bill also calls for seawater to be regulated as a state water source.
The seawater desalination process includes Pre-Treatment, Sea Water Desalination, Reverse Osmosis Process, Post Treatment and On-Demand Delivery to Point of Use.
The improved chemical composition of the returning Chesapeake seawater will be favorable to Chesapeake sea life habitats with continued job creation and stability for the Chesapeake waterman fishing industry.
Providing treated seawater to southern Iraqi oilfields will ensure proper oil reservoir maintenance and maximize oil recovery.
PCMC will implement all the work of the first phase of constructing of supply and retrieve network connected to seawater cooling system in Ras Al-Khair industrial city with the capacity of 75,000 cubic meters per
Michael Bau from the Jacobs University Bremen), came to the surprising result - 2,700 million years ago, seawater contained an unusually high abundance of the radioactive isotope Hafnium 176 but a comparably low abundance of the radioactive isotope Neodymium 143, similar to what can be observed in present day seawater.
A common negligence on the part of beachgoers-parents is they do not notice that their children often drink seawater while swimming, which can cause serious health problems, a senior municipal official told Gulf News yesterday.
UoB's Engineering Faculty student Zahra Ashkanani has modified seawater desalination method to infuse water into domestic water-heater by means of a pump.
Hitachi, a leading global electronics company, has signed an agreement with Saudi Arabia's King Abdulaziz University (KAU) for conducting a joint research on water quality monitoring technology to be used in seawater desalination facilities, said the Japanese group.
NRL discovered that gathering carbon dioxide from the seawater was far more efficient than getting it from the air because the concentration in seawater is 140 times greater.
and Yokogawa have been selected by Okinawa Prefecture for its fiscal year 2012 Experimental Deep Seawater Power Generation Project.
The research, which is to be published as a paper in the Open Access Environmental Research Letters journal, found that the high photosynthetic rates of seagrass can make seawater less acidic.