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Synonyms for seawards

in the direction of the sea


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A huge sombre cloud, flecked with livid blotches, stretched over the whole seaward sky-line, with long ragged streamers whirled out in front of it.
The wrack had thickened to seaward, and the coast was but a blurred line.
Only in her eyes, fixed steadily seawards, there was the light of something new, as though some new thought was stirring in her brain.
Yonder are the Misses Leery, who are looking out for the young officers of the Heavies, who are pretty sure to be pacing the cliff; or again it is a City man, with a nautical turn, and a telescope, the size of a six-pounder, who has his instrument pointed seawards, so as to command every pleasure-boat, herring-boat, or bathing-machine that comes to, or quits, the shore, &c.
The story is revealed in a BBC1 documentary on Seawards The Great Ships, which won the Academy Award for Best Short Subject in 1962.
You couldn't have put bad language on a film like Seawards The Great Ships, which was a thing of beauty and very poetic.
When it comes time to sell, there won't be thousands of Seawards to compete with posted all over the Internet and in boat publications.
June 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The latest solar PV electrical test kit from Seaward Solar has special PV system data logging and downloading capabilities to enable contractors to install new solar PV installations safely, thoroughly and effectively in line with international standards.
June 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Intersolar North America 2011 -- The new Seaward Solar Installation PV100 is the first dedicated multi-function electrical tester for those involved in solar panel installation.