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Synonyms for seating

arrangement of seats


Synonyms for seating

the service of ushering people to their seats

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Current seating utilizes cut-prone PVC skin bladders, foam- or gel-filled pads, and other cushioning methods that involve complex, time-consuming assembly steps.
The company will also be showing Belize, a new range of breakout seating which can be used to create casual sitting areas in the workplace.
The seating we put in the common spaces of our independent living sections is designed to make people feel as though it is part of their home," notes Jane Rohde, Vice President of Design for Baltimore-based Senior Campus Living.
Nursing home seating for residents is on the edge of a breakthrough brought about by the innovative work of biomechanical and biomedical engineers.
Veracruz takes on the Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander and beats them in terms of powertrain performance and standard safety features while adding sophisticated design, high-quality craftsmanship and seating for seven adults.
It is (being done) to eliminate the sightline problems and really create a new level of seating down there,'' said Dodgers chief operating officer Marty Greenspun, who added that the boxes will have extra leg room.
Jula recalls that he was always developing clever folding seating mechanisms for various Toyota vehicles.
Correspondingly, industry has produced many examples of seating for the elderly for the markets both of the United States and Europe.
The report provides a breakdown of office furniture production by type (seating: office seating, visitor seating, contract seating; operative desking: adjustable, not adjustable; executive furniture; filing systems/storage; wall-to-wall units; furniture for reception and communal areas).
Researchers released a report in January saying ``the workstation table seating arrangement must be redesigned to reduce the injury risk to the occupants.
In connection with this, seating and positioning in the elderly become critical concerns, as the nursing home population becomes increasingly more physically dependent and cognitively impaired.
A 17-inch cushion and larger bolster pads with dual-density foam provide greater comfort in every seating position
Grandstand seating $15, which includes fair admission.
In addition to being the largest child seating safety products manufacturer in the world, SafeGuard is the first company to introduce lap-shoulder belts on school buses.