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a cushion that makes a seat more comfortable

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Steel-reinforced back and seat cushion bolsters with firm foam that helps maintain the occupant's optimum body positioning.
proprietarybranded line of orthopedic seat cushion products for the
Scores of fans have flocked to the CCFC store at the Ricoh Arena, and the City Central outlet in the Lower Precinct, to get their hands on a special padded seat cushion which emits heat for about 90 minutes.
Midwest Airlines Night will take place on 19 May, with the first 30,000 fans receiving a folding seat cushion and, in addition, airline ticket giveaways and other promotions will take place throughout the game.
The seat pan comes with NSN 2540-00-740-4668 and the seat cushion with NSN 2540-01-473-4063.
Fluid-proof, low-shear seat cushion cover prevents skin-damaging friction
notes that the simple low-rise seat cushion dramatically improved wheelchair-bound residents' lives.
Try a seat cushion that's lined with activated charcoal (see "Have Cushion, Will Travel").
It features a contoured seat cushion with Hip Flex[R] adjustments that pivot thirty degrees, a height-adjustable contoured back cushion with lateral supports, a height-adjustable contoured head support, and height and depth adjustable footrests with ankle straps.
The next thing we know, there goes a seat cushion, a chair, a chest of drawers, etc.
When you're done reading how to properly affix your oxygen mask and use your seat cushion as a flotation device, take a look at that complimentary catalog in the seat pocket in front of you on your next airline trip.
In a crash the airbag raises the front end of the seat cushion to prevent the occupant from sliding under the seatbelt.
GMC engineers have developed a headrest that can be removed from the rear seat and inserted into the seat cushion bottom, allowing the vehicle to meet the 80 percent recommendation.
A too-wide seat cushion might infringe on a neighbor, but there have been no rules spelling out what's too big.
The company will be introducing an innovative cushion material designed to create a thinner, more durable aircraft seat cushion.