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a safety belt used in a car or plane to hold you in your seat in case of an accident

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Employers and government agencies at all levels can help improve truck driver safety and increase seat belt use among truck drivers by having strong company safety programs and enforcing state and federal laws," Arias continued.
Despite this, Dubai Traffic Police officers can issue fines of up to Dh410 to parents who allow their children to travel without a seat belt.
Still, the number of states that adopted primary seat belt laws almost doubled from 2001 to 2012.
Peterson insisted, "To have all children belted in a three point seat belt on a school bus just cannot be done right now.
Ten years down the line, ExxonMobil with its joint venture partner, NNPC, said it was partnering with FRSC on a renewed campaign to increase the seat belt usage and enhance the compliance level not just for front seat occupants but all occupants of the vehicle.
A selection of previous seat belt campaign adverts has been made available at: http://think.
With these and other challenges in mind, the Ross Seat Belt has been developed.
Some of the advertisements illustrated what happened during a crash to someone not wearing a seat belt and someone who was using one properly.
From these viewpoints, the most important safety devices are considered the Air bags and Safety belts, but the seat belt system is widely regarded today as being the essential component of safety equipment in a vehicle.
Ordinarily, saying that teenagers belong to the age group that is most likely to die in motor vehicle accidents, an age group that is also least likely to wear seat belts, brings no more than a bored shrug.
The combination of a seat belt and air bag resulted in the lowest rate of complications.
He said: "I'm sure most people have seen the graphic TV advert showing what happens to the body if the person is not wearing a seat belt.
The law could have stated that the children themselves had to be responsible for their own seat belt wearing and unless they did they would be banned from that bus, but hey there's far too much common sense there for politicians, obviously.
If you said, "I put on my seat belt," you're not only being safe, you're being trendy too.