seasonal worker

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a worker who finds employment only in certain seasons


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These changes will allow Australian businesses to better meet the demand for seasonal workers, while also providing valuable economic opportunities for more workers from the Pacific and Timor-Leste.
A seasonal employee for purposes of offering coverage or determining the penalty for not doing so (not to be confused with a seasonal worker for purposes of determining large employer status or the seasonal-worker exception, above) is one whose customary annual employment is six months or less (Regs.
The EU also has produced a proposed directive for common entry and residence conditions for seasonal workers from outside the EU.
Australia will initiate a three-year seasonal workers scheme within the year to address labor shortages in the country's agriculture industry, Foreign Minister Stephen Smith said Monday.
The seasonal workers make up a substantial part of Pacific Tomato Growers' work force.
Some of the expatriates holding seasonal worker visas have come to perform Haj.
The 21-year-old managed to borrow the money despite being a seasonal worker at the time of his death.
Because the seasonal worker exception is limited to a maximum of 120 days, affected employers will have to determine their full-time employee count and track seasonal employees' hours.
Any application to enter the EU as a seasonal worker will have to include a work contract or a binding job offer specifying essentials such as pay and working hours, says the agreed text.
Mr Lamb said Mr Smith - a deaf, seasonal worker, from Catfield, Norfolk - had problems with a Halifax credit card and then got a loan.
Seasonal Worker Staffing Levels: Compared to last year, 48 percent of respondents are planning to hire the same amount of seasonal workers for the holiday season, and 40 percent are planning to hire five percent to 25 percent fewer workers.
More than half (53 percent) of retailers plan to hire seasonal workers in Q4, up from 43 percent last year.
Royal Mail is recruiting 560 seasonal workers in Wales
RETAILER Argos is set to recruit hundreds of seasonal workers to help meet demand from Christmas shoppers.