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Synonyms for seasonal

a worker who finds employment only in certain seasons

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occurring at or dependent on a particular season

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Numerous theories have been mooted for the cause of seasonal variations in heart failure morbidity and mortality, for example that the holiday spike is caused by alcohol and drug use.
Alaska construction employment experiences a 58 percent average seasonal variation but only saw a 13 percent decrease from its peak average yearly employment of 2005 to its low in 2010.
However, Grayling and Grobbeloar (1983) observed no significant seasonal variation in the semen volume of Boer goat bucks in South Africa.
avium disease in children has previously shown no seasonal variation (9), or it has been dominant in winter, spring, or both (1,2).
Also, proving just what a versatile product it can be, carmelised red onion was cooked up with cranberries in the run up to last Christmas giving food manufacturers a tasty, seasonal variation.
This study provides the first description of annual and seasonal variation in mite infestation of harvestmen.
Seasonal variation in temperature and humidity may not be that great for a plant in Phoenix, Ariz.
While this seasonal variation in mortality has been known for years, this is the first study that points to sudden cardiac death as the cause," said Stephen C.
In the student-travel industry, there is a significant seasonal variation in my staffing needs, which poses real business challenges for me with eight offices worldwide.
It adds: "It should be emphasised that claimant count unemployment figures are subject to discontinuities over time due to the changing eligibility criteria and also seasonal variation.
In both men and women, seasonal variation in AF hospitalization and mortality rates was most pronounced in the very elderly, he explained.
We investigated seasonal variation of CRP as measured by means of a high-sensitivity immunoradiometric assay (7) in several populations.
Fitzpatrick's appraisal of cultural and seasonal variation in trading at Hengistbury Head, Stewart Bryant & Rosalind Niblett's assessment of `settlement complexes' in Hertfordshire, and J.
The effect of tidal range upon bar depth, the magnitude of seasonal variation, and type of coast require additional data to establish confidence in any relationships.
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