seasonal adjustment

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a statistical adjustment made to accommodate predictable fluctuations as a function of the season of the year

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At Census he was instrumental in developing an electronic computer method for seasonal adjustment.
Seasonal adjustment of the WEP services indexes allowed PPI to begin seasonal adjustment of indexes from its new Experimental Aggregation system.
PRINCETON, NJ -- Unemployment, as measured by Gallup without seasonal adjustment, was at 10.
While our seasonal adjustment process is subject to further refinement, we're confident that seasonally adjusted rail traffic figures will be a useful complement to our other data and will help further illustrate the importance of railroads to the broader economy.
5) Among the changes to the ECI made in response to the mandates were changes for seasonal adjustment purposes.
The top figure at right shows how much a second round of seasonal adjustment adds to or subtracts from each quarter's estimates of real GDP growth.
In 1998, the PPI implemented the X-12-ARIMA Seasonal Adjustment Method; prior to that year, PPI employed the X-11 method.
ABSTRACT In any seasonal adjustment filter, some cyclical variation will be misattributed to seasonal factors and vice versa.
Turek noted that the large swings in the government numbers, principally in public education, are likely due to hiring and layoff patterns occurring earlier or later than usual, which throw off the seasonal adjustment factors.
Financial dictionary: Seasonal adjustment is a technique used by statisticians to even out swings in figures which are related to the time of year.
In September 1991, 3 more series were added to the list of candidates for seasonal adjustment, and 37 of the 46 series published in the seasonal adjustment table were seasonally adjusted.
After seasonal adjustment, the unemployment rate shrank to 4.
unemployment, as measured by Gallup without seasonal adjustment, is 8.
Statisticians from academia and government agencies present methodological studies that illustrate the cross-fertilization between time series modeling and seasonal adjustment.
Seasonal adjustment is a statistical method, which eliminates the seasonal component of time series and it is particularly suitable for long-term comparisons and analysis of the data.