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Synonyms for seasonably

in accordance with the season


at an opportune time

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And its stores will feature what the company called "healthy eating trend zones " that showcase curated selections of seasonably adjusted paleo, raw and vegan snacks.
In spite of having a positive real, seasonably adjusted economic growth rate in the second and third quarter of 2015, because the change of the underlying consumer price index was negative compared to 2014, salaries of officials and workers in the public sector and pensions of retired public workers will not be adjusted in 2016".
5 percent on a seasonably adjusted basis in January, following a 0.
Records revealed that nothing is shown on the face of her SALNs attesting that the Administrative Division of NAIA Customhouse or any of its officers seasonably received the said SALNs.
NNA - Partly cloudy weather with seasonably stable temperatures have been forecast by Rafic Hariri International Airport-based Meteorology Department during the upcoming 24 hours.
UPDATE WEATHER D E L H I T ODAY -- D ECEMBER 29 Low clouds & fog in the morning DAY HIGHEST 16 A LOWEST 7 A NIGHT 13 AM SUNRISE SUNSET 05: 34 PM 10: 21 HRS Seasonably cool with low clouds and fog By T areas According Meteorological temperature ( 2.
A spokesman said: "We've had a comfortable night which was seasonably busy but not excessively so.
We four ended by sharing an exceptional apple crisp with seasonably fresh fruit slices, caramel sauce and a sweet cinnamon oatmeal crumble.
The National Retail Federation calculates that August sales at retailers--excluding auto dealerships, gas stations and restaurants --increased a seasonably adjusted 0.
Seasonably adjusted data for June show a monthly drop in the trade surplus of 0.
The Third Division issued a resolution dated July 25 that ordered the suspension of Enrile and that the Office of Drilon will implement the order "from receipt of this resolution, unless a motion for reconsideration is seasonably filed.
A resolution issued by the Sandiganbayan 5th division special court said, Estrada, 51, was suspended from his position as Senator and is barred from holding any other public office, "unless a motion for recommendation is seasonably filed.
Most racing fans you talk to say they have a smaller ante-post portfolio than most years - a combination of an unseasonably dry autumn meant some contenders were later than normal making their racecourse comebacks, while the seasonably wet January has further truncated the season.
The residents could have found themselves cut off if the weather had been more seasonably poor.