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in accordance with the season


at an opportune time

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While humidity is often associated with comfort, virus transmission has been shown to increase in seasonably dry air.
Seasonably adjusted data for June show a monthly drop in the trade surplus of 0.
A resolution issued by the Sandiganbayan 5th division special court said, Estrada, 51, was suspended from his position as Senator and is barred from holding any other public office, "unless a motion for recommendation is seasonably filed.
Most racing fans you talk to say they have a smaller ante-post portfolio than most years - a combination of an unseasonably dry autumn meant some contenders were later than normal making their racecourse comebacks, while the seasonably wet January has further truncated the season.
The residents could have found themselves cut off if the weather had been more seasonably poor.
A report to the committee by Shilpi Akbar, assistant director for employment at the city council, revealed the seasonably adjusted unemployment rate for the city in January was 10.
K-C is also continuing its strategy of launching seasonably appropriate, limited edition diapers that started a few years ago with denim-style diapers and later continued with camouflage and holiday-themed designs.
Certain types of work are delayed and conducted during periods more seasonably and environmentally favourable, so many projects are works in progress.
Unseasonably warm temperatures stimulated flower budding and the opening of flowers, quickly followed by damage caused by two seasonably cold nights.
com), along with 35 booth sponsors at the Seasonably Chic Showcase will come together to raise funds and awareness for the Freestore Foodbank.
Four out of five of those questioned by campaign group Eat Seasonably said they did not mark the festival, which traditionally marks the end of the agricultural year.
We think the most recent period represents a more reasonable run rate for the existing asset base during the seasonably less favorable middle portion of the year.
The yen was also pressured by the release earlier in the day of Japan's weaker-than-expected industrial production data, which rose a seasonably adjusted 1.
After a rough, 200-mile tow through seasonably rough seas, Trieste and her tow vessel, USS Wandank (ATA 204), arrived at their dive site, seven miles above the seafloor.
Designed for use in the Northern Hemisphere, it presents information on seasonably visible stars, the phases of the Moon and tides, the ratios of darkness and light, the seasonal behavior of Earth's creatures, and a host of other details about the natural world.