seaside centaury

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a variety of centaury found at the seaside

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To the south it adjoined another house, but standing in so large a garden as to be well out of cry; on all other sides, open fields stretched upward to the woods of Corstorphine Hill, or backward to the dells of Ravelston, or downward toward the valley of the Leith.
he wondered and again raised his eyelids hardly perceptibly; the stranger was standing in the same place, still watching him.
EARLY the next morning the starboard watch were mustered upon the quarter-deck, and our worthy captain, standing in the cabin gangway, harangued us as follows:--
Already the coffin was standing in their midst--a plain but decent shell which had been bought ready-made.
The dunes are home to over 450 plant species, including 33 that are locally or regionally rare like petalwort, seaside centaury, yellow bartsia, round-leaved wintergreen, dune helleborine and pendulous flowered helleborine.