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Synonyms for seasickness

motion sickness experienced while traveling on water

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At least Heughan's suffering will make for some believable seasickness scenes.
TAKE GINGER AnY pregnant woman will tell you ginger biscuits have a powerful anti-nausea effect, and the same can sometimes be true for seasickness.
After battling tropical storms, seasickness and 40ft waves, they elatedly pulled into the finish line in Antigua in the early hours of February 3.
Anyone who has spent time at sea is probably familiar with seasickness.
This fly-on-the-boat film series reveals how the crews eat, sleep and deal with seasickness, homesickness and bad weather.
Of course, nausea, as we call this feeling in English, can be caused by something other than the motion of a ship, but the ancient Greeks and Romans needed only one word for seasickness and upset stomach.
6 ( ANI ): A Norwegian firm are developing a single-hull hotel ship that is capable of curing seasickness.
A CARDIFF woman who aimed to row 2,000 miles around Britain has given up, suffering seasickness and dehydration after battling winds and tides for five days.
Drink water, stay hydrated, and avoid excess alcohol, which can produce dehydration and reduce your body's resistance to seasickness.
Though the haddock run will last only until early June, seasickness can plague us throughout the season.
For the second leg, he is hoping to row from mainland Europe to the UK - an ambitious task for anyone, let alone someone who suffers with bad seasickness.
Not all skippers are as tough as that one (who didn't want to be named) but seasickness can make history of the ambitions of a yacht owner in any yacht race, especially if they have to make a stop to let the crewmember off, effectively putting them out of the race.
And his brother in law David Butler turned green - not with seasickness, but envy.
I occasionally suffer from seasickness, but haven't ever felt the need to throw up on a Virgin Pendolino.
Adams, who was President from 1825-29, chronicles everything from seasickness to cardplaying on the 80-day transatlantic voyage.