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experiencing motion sickness

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Seasick Marketing will also be working directly with other competitive sporting events and sponsors to offer discounts, customized ordering options and much more.
According to Emeritus Professor Max Kamian of the University of WA, no less than 70% of people will become seasick in rough conditions.
TicketInfo SEASICK STEVE Tuesday Nov 10: O2 Academy Birmingham Tickets: pounds 17.
Later, the eight seasick fish were culled and their brains were analysed to try to determine the exact cause of their sickness.
Some said they would be stuck on board with nothing to do, some cited expense, 12% feared getting seasick and 7% thought cruising was "stuffy and formal".
Coldwell drafted the protocol for a study aimed at controlling illness so researchers can measure how well people perform when seasick.
Tracy Miller, one of six performers who share three vampire roles in Dracula, agrees, even though she normally gets carsick and seasick, and tends to avoid heights and rollercoasters.
I got seasick on my first night of my very first cruise.
It begins when 17-year-old Hornblower, easily seasick, is joining his first ship, the Justinian, anchored in Portsmouth harbor.
From a press release sent out by the Lady Slipper Press of Tustin, Michigan, citing some explanations editors have given for their decision not to review the book The Women's Great Lakes Reader: "Couldn't find a woman reviewer; editor gets seasick easily; newspaper readers aren't interested in women's history; too regional.
We wouldn't be surprised if earlier this year a lot of Dow watchers were getting a bit seasick.
tales in classrooms such as Hiccup the Seasick Viking, The
The Pixies, above, are the main event at Glasgow's Kelvingrove bandstand in the heart of the city's west end tonight and tomorrow, with Seasick Steve, Hipsway and Arab Strap across the rest of the week.