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the shell of a marine organism

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Each praline creation is a delicious blend of white, milk and dark Belgian chocolate, made from the finest cocoa beans and Mediterranean hazelnuts, carefully moulded into the shape of a seashell.
If I wanted to get a poetic metaphor out of it, as I am sure many have, I could write about the sky as a seashell, enclosing our lives as the shell protects life inside it.
The Enchanted Forest: A Seashell Meditation for Children" is a guided meditation for children from a series that introduces children to the practice of meditation for focus, clarity, and balance, and health.
The action all took place in a giant tent shaped like a seashell and was a complete sell-out in Huddersfield.
For many years he also served as the DNHG's Seashell Recorder and he earned the ENHG's 'Bish' Brown Award in 2005 for his Rough Sheller's Guide to the UAE.
Images inspired by nature's "innate style" include a tulip to represent Laurent-Perrier Brut Non-Vintage, a seashell for Ultra Brut and a butterfly for the soon-to-be-released vintage 1996.
Odilon Redon looked upon this seashell, and it is as though he was swept into an insight of the nature of the universe.
Adding a seashell base for the egg to stand on, I carefully: trimmed the edge with scissors then glued tiny seashells all around the top.
The sunny-as-a-summer-sky rhymes comprising "It's a Seashell Day" chronicle a mother and son sharing a day of sand digging, seashell collecting, and seashore exploring.
The seashell museum has around 10,000 seashells of more than 1,000 varieties in different shapes and sizes.
A flower's petals, a radiating seashell, a snowflake, a drumbeat, and a melody all exhibit symmetry.
Buckley joins as the company launches its 40g Seashell Bar His appointment also came as the company announced it had struck a deal with SHS Sales & Marketing, which will take over distribution of its products from May l, 2004, from Jenks Sales Brokers.
TO make the most of your lips, try Laura Mercier's Lip Kisses in Pink Seashell, pounds 15, which is ideal for a natural, light look.
The sun plays off her body, accented by the decisive gesture of the towel with which she dries herself, a framing device like the seashell in Botticelli's Birth of Venus.