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Knowledge of the distribution of searobins (family Triglidae) in the western Gulf of Mexico is based on relatively few samples (Bullis and Thompson, 1965; Chittenden and McEachran, 1976; Chittenden and Moore, 1977; Parker, 1965; Ross, 1983; Springer and Bullis, 1956).
Whitemouth croaker (southeastern stock), squid, octopus, pink-shrimp, Brazilian codling, catfish, bluewing searobin, skate, American harvestfish, Jamaica weakfish e sand flounder compose the main species assemblage of this unit, sharing the last seven species with the Southern shelf unit.
Gulf menhaden Brevoortia 3 patronus Feather Hypsoblennius 2 blenny hentz Inland Menidia 2 silverside beryllina Emerald Ero telis 1 sleeper smaragdus Spot Leiostomus 1 xanthurus Blackwing Prionotus 1 searobin rubio Least puffer Sphoeroides 1 parvus Inshore Synodus 1 lizardfish foetens Common name RA * Marsh edge (%) (mean [+ or -] SE) Total fish 17.
blue crabs, age 1+ flounders, red drum [Sciaenops ocellatus], searobin [Prionotus sp.
Numerically, ten finfish species composed more than 92% of the total finfish count, and a single species, the leopard searobin (Prionotus scitulus), composed over 40%.
Some fish called searobins use this to find their next meal.
Sensory capabilities of the modified fins of squirrel hake (Urophycis chuss) and searobins (Prionotus carolinus and P.
Sensory capabilities of the modified pelvic fins of squirrel hake (Urophycis chuss) and searobins (Prionotus carolinus and P.
As a result, the same types of data are available on infrequently encountered species like seahorses, nonfisheries species like searobins (Triglidae), and even undesirable species like Tilapia sp.
Sensory capabilities of squirrel hake (Urophycis chuss) and searobins (Prionotus carolinus and P.
Comparision of spawning seasons, age, growth rates, and food of two sympatric species of searobins, Prionotus carolinus and Prionotus evolans, from Long Island Sound.
Trophic ontogeny of the leopard searobins, Prionotus scitulus (Pisces: Triglidae).