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a party of people to search for someone

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I was at the Royal Welsh when he went missing and went as part of the search party.
Madison then reveals that she joined the search party not only to look for the missing residents of the ranch, but also to understand the Otto family, especially Troy, much better.
A LARGE-SCALE search party was launched after a group of 26 children were reported missing in the Brecon Beacons yesterday.
The male had been invisible to the search party on top of the island.
FILM SEARCH PARTY DIGESTS (15) Scot Armstrong, screenwriter of The Hangover Part II and Road Trip, makes his directorial debut with this raucous, boozefuelled comedy.
SEARCH PARTY (15) No stars SEARCHING for a gag in this risible brom-com is like searching for a needle in a haystack only to discover, 90 minutes later, there is no needle.
Those looking for |laughs shouldn't seek out Search Party
Search Party 93mins 15 IT REALLY isn't an exaggeration to say Search Party is about as funny as a chronic skin rash.
The 81-year-old former Bolshoi ballet dancer Vlason Stanislav who went missing from his Limassol house on Friday was found sleeping under a bush on Sunday by members of search party.
In effect, Valuable Project is the first online search party in the world.
A search party consisting of commandos, police and reghters stumbled across the body when they were returning to the base camp at around 12pm local time, Malaysian newspaper e Star reported.
The man did not return from the field for 10 hours and as nobody had heard of him, a search party was sent out to look for him.
A MISSING teenager was found safe and well after an extensive hunt by rescue crews who sent out a search party and sniffer dogs.
But the Droitwich father of two fled after her family spotted the ladder, which he threw into bushes before joining a search party of residents to track down the Peeping Tom.
Serafina and Gabriel were found by a search party of family, friends and Lane County Search and Rescue volunteers after about six hours of looking in a remote area of the Willamette National Forest near Goodman Creek Road.