search and destroy mission

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an operation developed for United States troops in Vietnam

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For instance, players can now: fly alongside a squad of armed Huey helicopters in a search and destroy mission, issue battle commands to thwart an enemy invasion, and use the firepower of 15 different user-controlled vehicles to protect a trainload of diplomats from being intercepted by enemy forces.
In addition to daily missions transporting Marines and cargo, the Dragons performed multiple battalion insertions to allow the 3d Marine Division to conduct search and destroy missions in the An Hoa region, and supported the 4th Marines as they battled for the Nui Cay Tre (Mutter) Ridge.
This was apparent when the FBI launched deadly search and destroy missions jointly with local police in several cities in 1969 against the Black Panther Party.
who walked point on search and destroy missions for almost a year in Vietnam and lived to tell about it, though he was wounded
With search and destroy missions being carried out in the mountains of Afghanistan as recently as last night, the Allied Forces' fighting tactics have had to adapt to some of the world's most rugged and unpredictable terrain.