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Synonyms for seaquake

an earthquake at the sea bed

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A seaquake off the Norwegian coast on August 30 could be to blame after postmortems on 16 others that died in the pod did not show obvious signs of disease.
Daniel Samper brings up a valid question in the introduction to the elegant anthology of Cepeda's work he published in 2001 when he asks whether the author produced in spite of "the vital seaquake that rumbled within his talent," or because of it.
An even worse case, a seaquake that massively releases methane clathrates from the deep seabed could overpower all the carbon dioxide emission cuts.
petrochemical plant 2,068 220,000 12/26/2004 Seaquake (MW 9.
Caspar Henderson has observed how natural defences against a seaquake such as mangrove swamps, coral reefs and sand dunes have been cleared away to make room for commercial hotels and resorts.