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an underwater mountain rising above the ocean floor

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Nevertheless, prudence being the better part of valor, Atienza urged the Philippine government to give Filipino names to every seamount inPhilippine Rise.
The Chinese mapped out the Jinghao Seamount and Tianbao Seamounts during a survey in 2004.
Hannibal Seamount is also an ecological "hot spot" where diverse marine life flourishes, and Pineda believes the crabs could be an important source of food that helps explain Hannibal's abundant fish populations.
2014) conducted a qualitative and quantitative morphological analysis of the seamount chains and oceanic islands.
A police spokesman said: "This inquiry relates to the body of an adult female found outside Seamount Court, Aberdeen, having fallen from the window of one of the flats in this block.
Despite previous marine research in shallower coral reefs of the CNP and the commercial importance of Hannibal Bank as a fisheries area, the seamount has received no detailed bathymetry or ecological surveys, and the fishery is a priority to be evaluated (sensu Harper, Bates, Guzman & Mair, 2010) There is significant potential for habitats to be physically damaged by increasing human pressures such as fishing (Koslow et al.
Axial Seamount is unique in that it is one of the few places in the world where a long-term monitoring record exists at an undersea volcano - and we can now make sense of its patterns," Chadwick, who works out of Oregon State's Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, Ore, said.
The trip is focused on learning more about how deep sea fishing is affecting marine life along seamounts - peaks rising from the floor of the southern Indian Ocean.
This fantastic prize for two includes two nights' bed & breakfast, one dinner for two at Seamount Farmhouse, with magnificent overlooking Bantry Bay, plus a guided walk on the spectacular Sheep's Head Way and bike hire from Nigel's Bicycle Shop in Bantry.
The seafloor within Canada's Exclusive Economic Zone in the northeastern Pacific Ocean features examples of three kinds of volcanic activity: mid-ocean ridge, near-ridge seamount, and intraplate seamount volcanism.
This was demonstrated in the steep and rugged slopes of the Casablanca Seamount with a run 10m above the seabed, starting at 3,000m depth and rising up to 700m depth over a course of 7.
If it's a significant release, we could fine them up to two times the value of the gas that was released," said Dan Seamount, an AOGCC commissioner.
Dan Seamount, the geologist commissioner at the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, thinks a lot of oil lies undiscovered in deeply buried rocks in Cook Inlet below the existing producing fields.
Among the find discovered in the Saba Bank Atoll (a coral-crowned seamount 155 miles southeast of Puerto Rico) were two hundred species of fish (including two new species of goby) and vast beds of seaweed (including at least twelve new species).
On their first visit to Davidson Seamount in 2002, scientists realized that they had discovered a very unusual place.