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the act of treating something to make it repel water

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asked Laurie soberly, as Amy laid a bit of red tape, with sealing wax, a taper, and a standish before him.
Laurie was signing and sealing as he spoke, and did not look up till a great tear dropped on the paper.
So, by refusing to accede to his request, it was quite probable that not only would I not prevent him from becoming Jeddak of Helium, but that I would be the means of sealing Dejah Thoris' fate--of consigning her, through my refusal, to the horrors of the arena of Issus.
Make your mind easy," said he in abrupt sentences while sealing his letter.
The day had been long and very hot, and now that all the colours were blotted out the cool night air seemed to press soft fingers upon the eyelids, sealing them down.
Brooke was sealing this letter, he felt elated with an influx of dim projects:--a young man capable of putting ideas into form, the "Pioneer" purchased to clear the pathway for a new candidate, documents utilized--who knew what might come of it all?
After sealing and addressing them he placed them all in an envelope addressed to D'Arnot.
A letter in a double-ended envelope, stuck all over with sealing wax, is pretty certain to be opened in case of any accident to the bearer.
Fish was sealing it, 'as if this were Ordained: really.
The sealing fleet was wintering in San Francisco Bay, and in the saloons I met skippers, mates, hunters, boat-steerers, and boat-pullers.
On the 12th of January, 1893, I was seventeen, and the 20th of January I signed before the shipping commissioner the articles of the Sophie Sutherland, a three topmast sealing schooner bound on a voyage to the coast of Japan.
After sealing the envelope which inclosed these lines, Lady Janet addressed it, as usual, to "Miss Grace Roseberry.
Efficient Sealing Solutions: Integral in the Oil and Gas Industry for Delivering Optimum Performance
European Sealing Association's new interactive 'Successful Sealing with Elastomers' is the first guide designed to offer food processing engineers a diagnostics-led approach to tackling sealing problems.
When food is packed into trays or pots and sealed with a film, the sealing surface on the head will be shaped or profiled.