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the act of treating something to make it repel water

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Successful Sealing with Elastomers' is produced by the ESA's Elastomeric and Polymeric Seals Division comprising Europe's leading elastomer seals manufacturers.
In experiments, trays made of crystallized polyethylene terepthalate were sealed using flat, curved or reduced-profile sealing heads.
This necessitates solutions which are ideally matched to the respective sealing task.
CNC ultrasonic welders for sealing and joining fabrics, thin films, and thermoplastic parts.
It is helpful to pay particular attention to some basic sealing concepts when selecting a microminiature O-ring.
At room temperature, the gasket can provide 300 psi of initial sealing force before it is completely cured.
Chesterton sealing solutions bring measurable results to the table.
a global provider of custom-engineered sealing solutions for laboratory equipment and analytical sciences, is developing 30,000 psi seals for the next generation of higher pressure UHPLC pumps.
While compression set is commonly seen as a primary property, many designers prefer to establish compression stress relaxation (CSR) values to more fully characterize a material's sealing capability.
The company seeks to expand use of ultrasonics versus heat sealing for beverage and retort pouches.
One mill was ready to replace a uhle box because of what appeared to be poor sealing of the uhle box cover and inadequate end deckles.
Mechanical seals and packings from KE-Burgmann provide state-of-the-art technology when it comes to sealing of shafts, flanges, or other connections in industrial pumps, compressors, mixers, agitators, ventilators, and many other applications.
Friction fit or wire carrier--a friction fit fixing system can present seal retention and sealing problems.
Welding equipment from Italian companies includes heat sealing for film (bagmaking, wrapping); high-frequency welding for stationery, packaging, automotive parts, medical items, and inflatables; and ultrasonic welding for assembling molded and/or extruded parts.
Specifically formulated to adhere to Gorilla Wrap, Seal-It enhances the building envelope by tightly sealing housewrap seams and window and door enclosures.