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the shore of a sea or ocean regarded as a resort

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25, indicating that some investors are betting on Seaboard to top up its offer or that a rival bid will materialise.
Through this acquisition, Seaboard which values UGL at about Sh3.
Seaboard operates as a diverse agribusiness and transportation company worldwide.
They are still few in number, but more and more digital audio workstations are equipped and even designed from the ground up with editing tools that seamlessly integrate the expression data of next-generation instruments like the Seaboard RISE.
Seaboard has been engaged in an extensive Overhaul of the famed McGraw Hill Building at 330 West 42nd Street in the Times Square neighborhood.
3 million head of market hogs are raised and processed by Seaboard Foods LLC, yielding more than 1.
Featuring a larger playing surface, the RISE 49 expands the family of Seaboard RISE controllers only four months after the launch of the two-octave RISE 25.
The loss of the Seaboard building's original fixtures led PBQA to design a family of five custom fixtures with Newman Architects and in conjunction with Rambusch Lighting, who manufactured the fixtures.
Seaboard Nails offers customers a full-service shopping experience in one location.
Seaboard served Trinity's leasing company as a long-standing customer, accounting for a large part of its business.
A Scotland Yard spokesman said: "If the device had not been removed from the aircraft the activation could have occurred over the eastern seaboard of the US.
Murchie, announced that the VWGA would become the Atlantic Seaboard Wine Association (ASWA) in September.
A plant that will make biodiesel fuel from pig fat is being planned in the Oklahoma Panhandle, according to a spokesman for Seaboard Foods.
based Seaboard Farms has rolled out a new line of PrairieFresh Prime well-marbled, grain-fed, hand-selected pork, its answer for retailers who routinely face consumer complaints about dry, tasteless pork.
Seaboard Industries, its customers, suppliers and other affiliated companies would like to congratulate Carl Rauschenbach on his retirement after many years of dedicated service.