sea snake

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any of numerous venomous aquatic viviparous snakes having a fin-like tail

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When you see the 20-metre-long sea snake horizontal and moving between buildings it is amazing for the crowds.
The study revealed one species of sea snake, Hydrophis pacificus, to be most at risk from trawling.
An official of the exhibition said, ''It is rare for a sea snake to live this long.
Crocodilian) (Crocodilian) (Crocodilian) Tuscahomaophis Tallahattaophis (1 strange sea snake) (1 strange sea snake) Palaeophis Palaeophis (3 sea snake species) (1 sea snake species) Clayton Fauna, Jim Woodruff.
Size and proportion relationship between the beaked sea snake and its prey.
So his sea snake looked like it might have been formed by its pressure-packed environment.
The final section, on peptide toxins, contains a review of the work on conotoxins, the biologically active peptides in cone snail venom; sea anemone polypeptide toxins that affect sodium channels; and chapters on sea snake venom (neurotoxins), the cytolytic peptides found in sea anemones, some natural jellyfish toxins, plus an article on pardaxin, the neurotoxic polypeptide from the Red Sea Moses sole, Pardachirus marmoratus, which targets gills and pharynx of aquatic animals and is eyed as a shark repellant.
The province is also blessed with excellent tourist destinations interesting mountain formations, picture-perfect waterfalls, caves with bats as well as stalactites, hot springs, white sand beaches, and fish and sea snake sanctuaries.
But the survivor said Cordoba died after becoming sick from eating a bird they found with a yellow poisonous sea snake in its stomach.
As we walked across the sea, we came across uniquely colorful seaweed, sea turtles, spiky Ritza fish, crabs with huge claws, a sea snake and one particularly frightening sea eel, which we had to run away from.
I saved my friend from a sea snake going right up his shorts," he says.
Gordon and Robin were at the helm of the 21ft Sea Snake when the tragedy appened at about 2am on July 10.
Graeme King meets its boss, and sea snake expert, Dr Roger Duggan.
SEA SNAKE They prey on fish and eels in coastal waters of Australia and Southeast Asia.