sea pink

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tufted thrift of seacoasts and mountains of north temperate zone

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Elfin thyme makes up most of the green "mortar," but Smith tucked in a few surprises as well, such as blue-eyed grass, lemon thyme, and sea pink (Armeria maritima) as "purposeful accidents" to make the grid seem less controlled.
Containing meadow sweet, sea pink and wild water mint, these local botanicals create a complex and well-balanced gin which should appeal to all you gin aficionados out there looking for a modern twist on a classic style.
So far she has found only three flowers that can stand it - sea campion, sestuca glauca and sea pink.
We decided to leave that to the crabs and sure enough, sitting on the quay among sea pinks and bluebells, we got our first bite.
Unashamedly retrospective, Cursing The Sea sounds like it could have been on the original C86 tape but then music is cyclical and they are but one of an army of fey shoegazers holding us in their thrall these days Fans of Lush, The Joy Formidable and our own favs Sea Pinks will surely dig September Girls - and they play the Menagerie, Belfast, tomorrow night.
The artist was captivated by the small island during summer months when it was surrounded by a garden of sea pinks and many other flowers.
POTTED plants such as spiky-leaved cordylines and ornamental grasses I along with tiny pots of sea pinks and sea holly I are used to soften the
Among those being investigated by Molecular Nature are bluebells, dandelions, daffodils, wood anemones and sea pinks, all of which are rich in potentially useful chemicals.