sea duck

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any of various large diving ducks found along the seacoast: eider

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CWS (CANADIAN WILDLIFE SERVICE, Prairie Northern Region Sea Duck Team).
Thus, the long-tailed duck is the only sea duck found in large numbers in the deeper water off the Yukon coast (Alexander et al.
The Atlantic and Great Lakes Sea Duck Migration Study, published in 2015 by the Sea Duck Joint Venture Partnership, indicated long-tailed ducks and, again, to a somewhat lesser extent, all three scoter species used the five Great Lakes to some degree for wintering and/or migration.
Any environmental conditions that alter the formation or maintenance of these polynyas could have important impacts on sea duck populations within Hudson Bay, as apparently occurred in the winter of 1991-92.
This past fall was the last of the 107-day season and seven-bird sea duck limit for Atlantic flyway sea ducks.
I hunt with the oldest, most experienced sea duck guide in Massachusetts, raconteur and rascal Adam Smith of the Perfect Limit, (978) 808-9428.
Richard Andrews' of Inner Banks Waterfowl hosts raiding parties of sea duck hunters on Pamlico Sound.
The bird, a North American sea duck, has only ever been seen in Lancashire once before, back in 1882 in Lytham.
I had an incredible sea duck hunt off the coast of Maine with a biologist responsible for the coveted birds.
For saltwater anglers or sea duck hunters who persist into November, a special treat awaits.
Young seals, porpoises, dogfish (the commonest of the sharks) and sea duck like the black scoter are not uncommon off both shores, while winter wildfowlers go down to the treacherous mud banks at Stanlow to shoot wild geese, the wigeon and other wildfowl that flight there to feed.
Tomorrow: Sea duck (scoter, eider, long-tailed duck and Coastal Zone brant) season closes.
CONCERNS that a shy sea duck - a protected species - could be affected by two giant offshore windfarms proposed for North Wales has prompted a major study.
It's big enough to handle sea duck surf, yet small enough to tuck into the cattails.