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a profound transformation

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If the funds can be found for a promotional campaign and the measures mentioned in the review, that sea change may be achievable.
A lot more politicians are going to lose their jobs because of Generation X than because of the elderly; the old "third-rail" politics of aging-related issues has undergone a sea change.
Fast forward a bit over a decade during which time he conceives some of the state's most memorable restaurants, and he creates Sea Change, the state's first sustainable seafood restaurant, in 2009.
Sea Change is an exciting project to regenerate coastal towns through investment in culture and heritage.
Laryn Callaway, a naturopathic physician and founder of Callaway Consumer Products LLC, has attracted funding from Sea Change Investment Fund to develop new products and expand sales of her Organic Bistro Whole Life Meals in grocery stores across the West.
The trend we're seeing toward smaller deal sizes is just symptomatic of the sea change taking place, in which the old order is effectively under siege.
If Winona Ryder really did provide the raw material for Sea Change, the actress, currently awaiting trial on felony charges, may take comfort that she's inspired an album that unfolds like a foreboding but mesmerising dream.
Throughout, the curators' privileging of Venturi's stunning power as a draftsman negates almost all opportunities to reveal the way designs evolve in the office, a real loss when we encounter moments of sea change in the firm's vocabulary and attitudes.
I couldn't keep track of which arc of ambition, which group of achievers, which sea change was in play, and which chapter was being invoked around which illustrative leader.
Perhaps it's the only thing that ever leads to a permanent sea change in the national psyche.
The "New Economy" is creating new markets and opportunities ripe for innovative products, services, and technologies causing, a sea change in global real estate markets, according to a report released by PricewaterhouseCoopers.
In a society worshipping money and status, The Measure of Our Success stands out as it calls for a sea change in our lifestyles.
SAN FRANCISCO -- The Sea Change Investment Fund, LLC, a venture capital fund focused on environmentally-preferable seafood, in conjunction with existing company investors CEI Community Ventures Fund and The CDVCA Central Fund, today announces a $2.
The grant, which will also be used to enhance the station's exhibition areas, has come from the Government-funded Sea Change programme, which is aimed at revitalising seaside communities.
A Sea Change is the first documentary about ocean acidification, the underbelly of climate change, a little-known but potentially devastating threat to ocean life.