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Those concerned made sure that the pulling of sand from the sea bottom would not have an adverse impact.
Walking vehicles, which moves on sea bottom have to be simple and reliable.
All chapters have been completely rewritten, and new chapters have been added on such topics as tsunamis, freak waves, and water circulation in porous sea bottom induced by surface waves.
Prior to the new study, Ganymede's rocky sea bottom was thought to be coated with ice, not liquid-a problem for the emergence of life.
Lilia Perez-Yasar, a former village chief here who owns 10 commercial fishing boats, said their fishing method was not destructive because their nets did not reach the sea bottom.
Rapporteur Knut Fleckenstein (S&D, Germany) finds that pilotage and dredging (removing built-up sediments from the sea bottom in port areas) should be removed from the proposal.
The locations were chosen based on the sea depth and solidity of the sea bottom to ensure the stability and sustainability of the reefs.
conduct joint exercises on the sea bottom and anti-fire and anti-flooding drills.
When approaching shallow or poorly chartered areas, a high definition 3-D imaging mode scans the water column to detect and graphically visualise obstacles directly in the path of the vessel, including the sea bottom, up to 150 metres away.
Marine phosphate resources have been discovered offshore New Zealand by one company, but in the case of Namibia there are a number of international companies exploring the possibility of mining marine phosphate from Namibia's sea bottom.
During the meeting, Attendees exchanged views on environmental protection, cleaning-up the polluted lands in Belgium, ecological strategy of the Flemish Government, the 40-year measures plan on cleaning the lands and water areas, as well as technology of sea bottom deepening operations, and alternative energy.
The breakwater system is designed to swiftly rise from the sea bottom in the event of tsunami, and contribute to prevention or mitigation of tsunami impact to harbors and coastal areas.
Meanwhile, the celebrated ocean explorer who discovered the wreck of the Titanic, Bob Ballard, is in the Mediterranean Sea searching the sea bottom for the remains of the Turkish warplane downed by Syria.
In the summer of 2014 Aibel will tow the platform from Haugesund to the offshore site in the North Sea and install the platform on the sea bottom.
I also wanted to know why Centrica has been allowed to dig a trench right across the Wash from Kings Lynn to just north of Skegness to serve the off-shore wind farm, which will have seriously disturbed the Ross Worm colonies, while fishermen are forbidden to disturb any part of the sea bottom.