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Synonyms for scutcheon

a flat protective covering (on a door or wall etc) to prevent soiling by dirty fingers

a shield


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But the cherubs painted on the scutcheon answered as well for her as for Sir Pitt's mother, and Resurgam was written under the coat, flanked by the Crawley Dove and Serpent.
The argent shields, the host with scutcheons white.
scutched, then, my mountainous love/with the scutcheon of no hope/my nonhoping scute hides me .
The family scutcheon that "threw arm gules on Madeline's fair breast" has been replaced by Porphyro's promise of fidelity.
She paraphrases the lines "Full many a scutcheon and banner riven, / Shook to the cold night-wind of heaven, / Around the screened altar's pale" along with the reference "a Scottish monarch sleeps below," both from Canto II of Scott's poem.