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trivial, unrewarding, tedious, dirty, and disagreeable chores


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Much can be learned just by hanging around an operation, and newbies must expect to do some scut work.
We promised them no scut work, and we mostly obliged; they promised us they'd behave honorably and professionally, representing the Tribune brand as if they had everything at stake - which they did, and they more than upheld their end of the bargain.
This was basically a victimless crime except for the attending physician, who was looking for me to do scut work.
This so-called scut work done on their behalf gives doctors more time to practice medicine and to see patients, which increases their satisfaction, affording athenahealth an "unbelievably high retention rate, well into the high 90 percents," according to Hallock.
He works weekends, consumed by constant demands to do scut work like "put new cover sheets on the TPS reports.
Once it has feelings, will we feet guilty about making it do all the scut work, and start cleaning up before the robot comes in, and apologizing for the mess?
Well, a decade has passed, yet it seems like just yesterday I was doing scut work as an intern.
As institutions gain experience in instituting systems of care delivery that do not depend upon a single individual being in place for 36 hours at a stretch, and as programs gain experience in developing resident-scheduling strategies that minimize scut work, prevent redundancy, and maximize educational experience both in and out of the operating room, we will begin to see more clearly what 80 hours a week can buy for us in terms of training and patient care.
Soon, we discovered that those long days without rest were molding our psyches into those of surgical robots whose primary responsibilities were providing wound care and surgical assistance, identifying surgical illness, and of course, completing student-oriented surgical scut work with a smile.
If Clancy must farm out the scut work of actually writing, he should have the wit to hire a ghostwriter with a better sense of how to organize a book.
The biggest challenge, I think, is to get them all to work together," Valdez said of her staff, "[and] to get everyone to pitch in on the research, the clean up, and all the scut work in between Much of it is done by example, and makes the environment as conducive to work as possible.
Darnell Suttles) rarely speaks and occupies his own place on the bench while the team's rookie, labeled Young Boy (Amad Jackson) is the player singled out to make beer runs and perform scut work - at least until he starts carrying his weight on the field.
In addition to making information about internships available online to bolster recruiting, the company is strengthening its programs so that interns do less scut work and have more opportunities to write page one stories and to understand how a newspaper operates.