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a short erect tail

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Thorax: Scutum yellow, yellow pollinose with 6 brown longitudinal stripes, all confluent anteriorly and middle pair remain confluent almost to posterior end, lateral stripes reach to base of pa seta; mtn brown, scut brown at base of lateral margin and beneath, pleura mostly yellow, but katepisternum with dark brown triangle in lower part, meron dark brown in lower half and anepimeron with dark brown line along suture with anepisternum, anepisternum with narrow paler brown border along lower margin and anterior margin.
Chaetotaxy: 1 to 2 pprn, 1 ihu, 1 posthu, 2 ntpl, 1 pra, 1 sa, 1 pa, 1 post ia, 0+1-2 dc, scutal setulae in 4-8 rows with long prscut, 1 anepisternal at top of posterior border, 1 katepisternal at upper hind corner, no prpl; scut with basal and subapical pair.
Draw for Saturday's final: 1 Fatboyz Dizzy, 2 Beaming Olive, 3 Mama Odie, 4 Nikitas Scut, 5 Montblanc, 6 Tyrur Monica (m)
00 Irish Derby specials Ladbrokes - Queen Of Shelbourne (which bitch will progress furthest): 9-4 Droopys Twirl, 9-2 Express Trend, Mozzletoff, 6 Ballymac Razl, 7 Maggies Whistle, 12 Ballymac Mitsy, Nikitas Scut, Rafas Wee Pet, 16 Tyrur Irena, Tyrur Monica.
Kingo notched the double when winning the four-runner heat five, pulling out all the stops to hold the late run of Melodys Royal having seen off the persistent Niktas Scut in 29.
48 (435m): Eowyn, Some Scut, Aoifes Raven, Dance Toner (M), Cartroc Slyde (W), Carryonarchie (W).
18 (435m): Knockroe Maggie, Snug Pacino, Some Scut, Thunder Hazel (M), Cartroc Slyde (W), Blackhouse Mario (W).
The scut work of newspaper reporters, especially those on the first rungs of their careers, is usually not portrayed in fiction any better than the real work of private detectives, but de Mariaffi is pitch perfect at capturing the attitudes, the process, the smell of the stale coffee, and the otherworldliness of late hours in the newspaper's morgue.
The hare bolted from under the fence and made its point to the meadow; off went Scut and Falcon after it.
As the Ninth Seat she was probably bringing in the coffee and doing the scut work but it is another link to be exploited.
According to agreement, National Institute of Food Science and Technology (NIFSAT), UAF and Centre for Polymer from Renewable Resources School of Light Industry and Food Engineering, SCUT, will run the joint research and capacity building projects keeping in view the demands of ever-increasing population and emerging challenges of 21st century.
In the past two decades, these chores have been replaced by a new kind of scut work: treating a large number of patients (to help maintain hospital"throughput") while juggling an expanding load of administrative chores.
This is called running scut, and it includes running specimens to the lab, wheeling patients to x-ray sessions, drawing blood, fetching lab results, doing much chart work (completing the chart is the most important thing), and learning a lot in spite of the grunt work.
Next, a substantial percentage (perhaps a majority) are beginning to feel comfortable allowing their support staffers or graduate students to take care of the scut work of handling most technology.
In the hospital, our tasks include, but are not limited to: interviewing and examining patients, writing on charts, reading up on our cases, racking our brain for the correct diagnoses and best possible treatments, monitoring each of our patients anywhere from every 15 minutes to every four hours (taking the blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate, temperature, and anything else deemed necessary), extracting blood, inserting IV cannulas, doing scut work, reassuring and/or comforting relatives, accomplishing paperwork, and answering to our seniors.